About Jade


   People often ask me, when did you know you had "the gift"?  Honestly, when you are little you truly do not know if you have psychic abilities.  I simply had a lot of friends I could see that others could not.  It was normal and natural to speak to them.  I have a specific memory of me at 5 years old climbing a large hill where a giant flat rock was. The hill was full of California poppies.  I would pick them as I wandered up to that rock and place them on it. Of course now I realize I was placing gifts on a natural alter.  I cannot remember a time that I didn't know who Jesus was, even if I didn't always go to church.   I often looked for ways to be with the angels, Mother Mary and Jesus.  As a young girl of 11 years old my close friends and I would make  wreaths of tiny fresh flowers to place on her head and pray to her.  I would say this was an unusual way for young girls to spend their time.  We loved it though, and would play for hours this way.   Daily prayers and study of holy writings were very important to me.  I was not from a religious family, it was just deeply within my Being to have a great desire to read as much as I could to understand Jesus' teachings.  I had many spiritual experiences with Him as a child growing up.  He has always been with me.  He is my dear friend.  

   As an young adult,  I felt "called" to serve others.  That came a little later than I thought.  However, during the time of waiting, I studied under many  master teachers.  They passed their spiritual wisdom, spiritual and  practical teachings to me, which gave me a solid foundation to understand a person's needs in daily life without passing on my own "past" history to them.  I always honor all my teachers as they have helped me to develop my gifts so I can serve everyone in the best way possible.  I know whoever comes to me through their guides will be assisted from my heart to theirs.   

   Yes, you may call me a Medium/Psychic. This God given gift gives me the opportunity to work with others to make contact with loved ones who have, "passed".   I  do receive clear messages from your dear ones.  I have clients who come specifically for their pets.  I receive messages from them too.   It is truly a blessing and a comfort be able to help a client to receive the peace they have been looking for.  

   I  have a Master Certification in Quantum NLP  specializing in strategy life coaching.  I also call it Spiritual life coaching.  Coaching is an integral part of a persons path.  How my coaching differs from others is I receive guidance from your guides and angels to help you along your life path and I am guided how to incorporate this effectively through the practical means of Quantum NLP. I specialize in removing past patterns through the assistance of Angels from the cellular level. These patterns will dissolve and I have sincerely witnessed miracles in clients lives even after one session.   As all things are in the Quantum Field, I know that anything is possible.  

   I am a Master Reiki Healer.   I am very fortunate to have been attuned with all four levels for 25 years. I also have the Karuna Mastership which is Hawaiian healing energy.  I open myself in a very safe way to  Holy spirit energy.  This energy is received by my client and they  heal  body, mind and spirit.  This healing gift is one that I know has healed clients who have had emotional suffering, mental suffering and physical suffering.  I  love to assist animals in their  physical and emotional healing.   They heal much more rapidly than we do.  

   I am a Shamaness and Native American Pipe Carrier .    Its a sacred responsibility, and I take it very seriously.  In the way I was taught, one must be invited by the Elders.  Its not a responsibility or calling that you just decide to do.  So, in that, I was very humbled and accepted with graciousness.  There are many years of "sitting." training,  including vision quests, countless inipi ceremonies, or sweat lodges to clear, cleanse, and open yourself to a personal vision for yourself and All Our Relations.  Other holy ceremonies are part of this Native healing path.  Its a long journey, much sacrifice, and well worth it.  I am very connected with Mother Earth, and through this path, I am now whats called "A Peoples Pipe Carrier".  When you request  prayer, I will pray for you and all your needs.  It is truly a highly spiritual ceremony.  Ask me more about it.


   I do house blessings and also house clearings. I do this with Pipe Ceremony.  It clears, cleanses, and blesses the home and the land which the home is on.  It is one of the most powerful prayer works that I do.  I will give you Native teachings and also help you to connect with your totems if that is your desire.  

   I have now been initiated into Kriya Yoga under two well known Masters.  This has been my most recent initiations. I have been doing sacred mantras for many years, and I felt called to do Kriya.  This helps me to continue to grow in the path I was called to as a young woman.  

   I am currently in the process of publishing my forthcoming channeled book of teachings of the Goddesses.  This book has been a labor of love as it has taken many years.  I am sure you will love it as I do.  

   Finally, I have two lovely dogs who continue to remind me that joy is only a wag away.  

   I invite you to walk your path.  I will be with you every step of the way if you so desire.